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Registration of oversea mobile phone accounts

Taipei Free Public Wi-Fi Access is offering “Registration of oversea mobile phone accounts” service as of today. This service is open for the registration of mobile phone numbers according to a “Real-name authentication system” (such as double-card authentication, real-name system); including visitors from the following countries (regions) (please refer to the following table for the details). Other than registering through the Visitor Information Center and major hotel counters in this city, one may also follow the mobile phone SMS authentication approach used by people in Taiwan to register for a Taipei Free account in advance on our service website, such that one may start to use it immediately after arriving in Taipei City.

Based on the safety concerns of data, this service is temporarily closed for the registration of countries (regions) where “Not all mobile phone numbers use real-name authentication system for registration”, (for instance: certain countries/regions do not apply a real-name authentication system for prepaid card numbers, which will not be included as the target for this service). However, the Taipei City Government will continue to survey the development conditions of international mobile number real-name authentication, so as to discuss and change the target for this service timely, please understand.

Countries (regions) accepted by Taipei Free for the international mobile number SMS authentication (September 2012):

















New Zealand

South Africa



Operating explanation for International mobile phone SMS authentication:

In order to enhance the safety for users’ online service, ”Mobile phone number authentication” must be completed in order to use Taipei Free Wi-Fi internet service. Please complete the authentication procedure according to the following steps:

Important: The registration page for this service is on the English / Japanese website, there is no registration page for the Chinese website as yet. Foreign visitors not from the above listed countries (regions) must still visit the various Taipei Visitor Information Center or the various major hotels in this city to register for the account after arriving in Taipei City.
Please select the country (region) for the mobile phone number on the registration page, the service system will automatically bring out the country code, please add the mobile number in the back.
Enter the mobile number, set the internet code, E-mail, then the authentication code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. (No fees will be charged for this SMS, if your mobile phone did not receive the authentication code SMS within 10 minutes, please call Taipei Free’s 24-hour customer service hotline: +886-2-7745-5429, or write E-mail to, where customer service personnel will be at your service)
Enter the SMS authentication code.
Complete authentication, account added successfully (SMS may be deleted).
Important: Please activate Wi-Fi connection in the neighborhood of Taipei Free hot spots (with Taipei Free LOGO), open the browser, and log in on the Taipei Free English/Japanese website, then enter the user account (format: country code + mobile number) and code (not authentication code) in order to access free wireless internet at fixed spot.


Local Toll Free Number:0809-09-19-19; Mobile Hotline: 886-2-7745-5429; 1999 Citizen Hotline (toll free local number, not applicable to public pay phones or prepaid cards)
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