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Has Taipei Free - Free Public Space Wi-Fi Access service been upgraded?
Taipei Free - Free Public Space Wi-Fi Access, or Taipei Free, has been upgraded in March 1, 2012, and its free Wi-Fi access service is now provided by WIFLY.
Are there new changes in the upgraded Taipei Free services?
More hotspots: the number of hotspots and Wi-Fi APs has been increased to 4,500 in 2012 to cover more public areas in Taipei City.
Higher bandwidth: before May 2012, the maximum downlink bandwidth provided by each AP will increase to 10Mbps.

Multimedia support: before May 2012, users can access websites that offer multimedia services. New features offered after the upgrade will be announced on the official site of Taipei Free and Taipei City Government. Stay tuned!

The customer service hotline has been changed to 0809-09-1919.
What is the SSID of Taipei Free?
The SSID of Taipei Free is “TPE-Free” and it is pronounced as “Taipei-Free.”
Where are the service areas of Taipei Free?
Taipei Free covers most public areas in Taipei City. Indoor public areas covered include the City Hall, administrative centers of the 12 administrative areas, public libraries and their branches, Taipei City Hospital and its campuses, Taipei MRT stations and Taipei City Mall; outdoor public areas covered include main roads, residential and commercial districts and densely populated areas. The Wi-Fi access service is offered as hotspots.New service areas will be announced on the official site of Taipei Free and Taipei City Government. Stay tuned!
What are the service hours of Taipei Free?
There is no limit on service hours. For indoor public areas, as long as the facilities are open, you can access Wi-Fi free of charge. For outdoor public areas, Wi-Fi access services are available 24 hours every day.
Who is the intended audience for Taipei Free?
Taipei Free is not limited to Taipei citizens.Anybody, whether a Taipei citizen, visitor from outside of Taipei coming to tour Taipei, concluding a business deal or expanding business, foreigner, or businessman, can access Taipei Free services with a mobile device such as laptop, tablet PC, or smart phone within service areas where signals can be detected.Oversea visitors can also register an account at visitor information centers at the airport or in Taipei City for the Taipei Free Wi-Fi service.
How can we connect to Taipei Free?
Please search for TPE-Free (SSID) within service areas to connect to Taipei Free.
How do we register to use Taipei Free?
If this is the first time you use this service, an account registration process is required to ensure information security. The service is available now; please register your account at www.TPE-Free.taipei.gov.tw.Users only need to provide their mobile number and email. After setting up the password, we will send an authorization code to your mobile phone via SMS (The SMS sending from Taipei Free are free, you will not be charged any fee) ; please enter this code in the website, and you can conveniently enjoy the unlimited Wi-Fi service within hotspots of public areas.
How do visitors from overseas or China register a Taipei Free account?
The registration service for foreigners is available at visitor information centers inside Taipei Songshan Airport, Taipei Main Station, all MRT stations and tourist attractions.Please prepare a valid passport or Mainland Residents Taiwan Pass and notify our staff members at service centers about your E-mail, and they will register an account for you.For a list of visitor information centers, please visit:
What kind of devices can we use to access the free Wi-Fi service? What can we do after we are connected?
Taipei Free adopts the Wi-Fi technology and is supported by most mobile devices such as laptops, tablet PCs or smart phones.The maximum downlink bandwidth offered by APs in each hotspot is 10Mbps, and it is sufficient for everyone to access online information, browse municipal and policy updates or check for lifestyle tips.
WIFLY offered in Taipei City is a paid wireless broadband service. Does it mean that WIFLY is now free? If not, will Taipei Free, the free Wi-Fi service, be interfered by WIFLY signals?
Taipei Free and WIFLY are two independent services and their SSIDs are different (TPE-Free / WIFLY).WIFLY has set up the TPE-Free SSID in most hotspots (excluding affiliated stores and hotspots outside of Taipei City) to provide the free Wi-Fi service and also continues to offer a paid WIFLY service. WIFLY and Taipei Free are free from interference.
Taipei Free offers a free Wi-Fi service. Is it the same as WIFLY?
Although both Taipei Free and WIFLY use Wi-Fi as the service standard, the former is free, while the later is a paid service.WIFLY and Wi-Fi are sounded alike, but the former refers to a service, while the later is a telecommunication technology. Specifically, their relationship is like Chunghwa Telecom Vs. broadband Internet service.
Can I use my Taipei Free credentials to access the Wi-Fi service in WIFLY hotspots?
Taipei Free and WIFLY use different SSIDs.(TPE-Free / WIFLY).You can connect to Taipei Free, or network with SSID TPE-Free, using your Taipei Free log-in credentials, but not the paid wireless broadband service offered under WIFLY.
For Taipei Free, is it restricted to access websites featuring multimedia services?
For APs in the Taipei Free hotspots, the maximum downlink bandwidth is 10Mbps and multimedia websites are not restricted (except real-time streaming services). Only bandwidth demanding applications such as online games or websites that offer inappropriate contents such as pornography are controlled; this bandwidth is appropriate to meet needs of end users, bandwidth quality optimization and public services and sufficient for most network usages.For users demanding higher network bandwidth or resources, please sign up paid broadband services from telecom service providers to ensure fair use of limited resources.
When can I check for relevant information about Taipei Free?
For information and latest updates about Taipei Free, please check the Taipei Free Website (www.TPE-Free.taipei.gov.tw). We appreciate your support and thank you for using this website.

Who can I report to when I encounter issues while using Taipei Free?

If you encounter professional issues as listed below while using Taipei Free, please contact our customer service department at 0809-09-1919. This number is available 24 hours every day:
Account registration progress.
Hotspot locations.

Events offered on Taipei Free website.

Weak or no network signals.
Website access.
Vandalized network devices or labels.
Progress on reported complaints.
Can I use my Taipei Free account credentials to connect free Wi-Fi networks at government departments or buildings?
Currently, the bidirectional roaming feature has been activated for Taipei Free, iTaiwan (hosted by National Development Council , Executive Yuan) and New Taipei (hosted by the New Taipei City government).If you have an account for either of the three Wi-Fi networks (Taipei Free, iTaiwan and New Taipei), you can access the free Wi-Fi service offered by them.
Who should I report to for issues encountered when I use iTaiwan or NewTaipei with my Taipei Free account?
Please consider reporting directly to their customer service departments (for iTaiwan: 0800-081051; for New Taipei: 0800-035035.)
I registered a Taipei Free account, but I have not received an authorization code?
Please contact our customer service department at 0809-09-1919, and a designated service specialist will handle the issue for you.
If I forget my password or would like to change my password or email that I registered my account with, can I directly do so on the Taipei Free website?
Please use “Forgot your password,” “Change your password” and “Change your email address” under Account Management to retrieve your password or change your information.
I use a smart phone, but not a monthly unlimited data service plan, how do I use Taipei Free?
The default network setting of most smart phones is set to automatic connection. When you use Taipei Free service at public areas, it is likely your smart phone may accidently connect to paid wireless broadband service such as 3G. You may incur a large charge if you have not subscribed to a 3G service, or if you use a 3G service but without an unlimited monthly plan.Therefore, it is highly recommended to manually turn off the 3G feature on your smart phone before connecting to Taipei Free, and shut down the Internet browser and Wi-Fi connection after you finish Taipei Free service to avoid unnecessary charges.
I use a smart phone to connect to Taipei Free, but I am unable to open webpage.
There are a lot of mobile operating systems. Considering their popularity, Taipei Free currently supports Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and bada based smart phones and please contact your mobile service provider to confirm what kind of operating system your smart phone is using.Additionally, you may connect to Taipei Free through laptops or tablet PCs.
I use a smart phone to connect to Taipei Free, why do I see network certificate error message when I log out?
Taipei Free encrypts the login, registration, and account management pages on the website with a 128 bit SSL technology to ensure information security for users.As some smart phone operating systems cannot recognize a service certificate, users may experience error messages when they register their accounts, log in and modify their user data. However, these error messages do not affect the validity of certificates, nor do they interfere with the online browsing service. Users can skip these messages directly.
Can I use Taipei Free when I walk around?
Taipei Free uses the Wi-Fi standard, and it is inherently different from 3G/3.5G technologies. The former is for use near the hotspots, while the later features Internet access; their relationship is like a bus Vs. a taxi, as users need to take a bus at a bus stop but can hail a cab anyplace. Currently, most international cities adopt hotspots to roll out their city-wide Wi-Fi services.Users who connect to Wi-Fi while strolling or running may experience intermittent connection drops and may need to re-login.Thus, it is highly recommended to stay where you are for the best connection quality.
The Taipei Free service is offered inside MRT stations. What about inside MRT trains?
Taipei Free is not available inside MRT trains yet. Sorry for your inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
Why is it that the signal strength is very weak at some of the indoor public areas?
Due to differences in building structures, the signal may be weak at some of the indoor public areas. The Department of Information Technology will continue to optimize the network infrastructure to ensure a quality, stable and free Wi-Fi service.
Why can’t I receive Taipei Free signals at home?
Taipei Free, or a free service designed to meet the basic needs of the public, rather than replacing commercial services.Due to the nature of this project (public service) and limitation of Wi-Fi signals to penetrate through walls, the best service areas are mostly outdoor public spaces unblocked by buildings and artificial facilities, and connection quality in areas such as houses, offices, private business premises, lanes and in the mountainous areas are not guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.
I use a smart phone to go online. Why do I feel it is slower than a laptop or tablet PC?
When bandwidth used is the same, smart phones, as limited by their hardware capacities, require more time to process the graphs on websites than laptops or tablet PCs. This may affect the speed to display webpage, and hence, users may feel that smart phones are slower.
Why am I disconnected from Taipei Free after my online device is idle for a certain duration?
To ensure optimized network efficiency and resource allocation, a fool-proofing mechanism has been deployed for Taipei Free, based on network designs adopted by the government and schools. If your online device sits idle for 15 minutes without any update, then it is automatically disconnected to avoid excessive waste on public bandwidth and affecting the rights of other users.
Is the electromagnetic wave from Taipei Free very strong? Will it affect our health?
The electromagnetic strength from Wi-Fi technology is very weak, and it is smaller than household appliances such as fluorescent lamps, cordless phones, hair dryers and microwave ovens; the power densities of electromagnetic waves of Wi-Fi APs are virtually the same when they are turned on and off.According to WHO, there is currently no reliable scientific evidence to show that the weak RF signals from Wi-Fi networks will generate negative impacts on our health. As for the signals from radio broadcast, wireless TV stations and wireless network, WHO also maintains the conclusion: No reliable scientific evidence to show a carcinogenic correlation.

The Taipei City government has conducted several long term electromagnetic tests and the results all point out that the power density from Wi-Fi APs is far lower than the Non-ionizing Radiation Recommended Environmental Value published by Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan.In fact, more and more citizens have installed wireless APs at their houses, offices and business premises to replace wired LAN devices. This is because it can avoid clutter, eliminate wires obstructing the floor, employ limited space, or other issues caused by network cables and also makes online experience more convenient.


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